Gear31 CPC200-2Air Wireless Adapter Warranty Info

Hardware Issues

Gear31 Store offers a limited 6 Month hardware warranty for the Gear31 CPC200-2Air Wireless Adapter to users in India. If any manufacturing defect/hardware failure detected in the product and is reported within 6 months of the purchase date, we will offer a replacement for the same. Even after 6 months, our support team will try our best to help and resolve your issues. Please feel free to contact us via this page

The Warranty will be void if following issues are noticed

  • There's Heavy External damage on the adapter
  • The Adapter was broken/tampered with
  • Adapter stopped working due to incorrect software update

Software Issues

It is recommended to not update the adapter if it is working fine in daily usage. If you're facing certain issues, you can contact the support team about the same. We have a 72 hour return policy. In case of any incompatibility, please report it within 72 hours and we will arrange a return for the product. Any future software incompatibility due to any software updates to your device or your car are not covered under the warranty.